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  • Successful experience

    We have 25-year extensive successful experience in the stock markets and 10-year experience as consulting laboratary

  • Large investment funds use our services

    We provide advice to major banks and financial services

  • Does not require special knowledge

    The partnership with us doesn't require professional knowledge and skills, you can choose a method of cooperation through foundation or via direct broker's account

  • Convenient mechanism for customers

    We offer several options for cooperation, everyone can choose method based on their experience and risk preferences

  • Strategy on a scientific basis

    Our approach and strategy uses positive expected value, based on a scientific basis and it is able to get profit in any market movements

  • Profitability is significantly ahead of the competitors

    The Fund significantly leaves behind the index and the index of other hedge foundations and invest foundations

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Methods of

  • Telegram channel

    By subscribing to our channel You will be almost on a daily basis able to signals trades in parallel with our Foundation, to obtain information about the Fund's operations in stock markets

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  • Fund

    You can become a co-owner of the Fund, working via our mathematical trading models, making a profit proportional to the your investment

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  • Direct account brokers

    You can open a direct account in Interactive Brokers. The account will be managed by our Foundation, but the funds and account will be solely Your

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Recommendations give our mathematical trading model

  • S&P ( ES )

    don't sell

    Very low level for today situation


    don't sell

    Very low level for today situation
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Financial markets

The situation

  • S&P index worked out a correction and turned in an upward direction
  • Gold after a long rally, as a protective tool, experiences a strong correction or even a trend reverse
  • Gold corrects after its recent strong movement. Or turns?
  • In the US Tresuares can be interesting soon. As always ahead of a steam locomotive
  • The oil downtrend. Which strategy to choose?
  • The tail wagging the dog. The fed looks at the markets, the markets look to the fed


  • The global economy is in big trend called optimization
  • Overall trend – reduction of costs (confirmation of the problem from automakers)
  • Socialism is in the monetary policy of major Central Banks
  • Coating inefficient state models due to the Ultrasoft Monetary policy of the Central Bank

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