Cost schedule of assets

Schedule closed Fund 2016

Cost schedule of assets

Current yield 62%

  • The total return of 465%

  • Profitability in 2018 84%


You can track the dynamics of the assets
and its deals

The crypto token

Calculation of the ratio of money and tokens

For the convenience of investors by Foundation was released crypto-token based on the Ethereum platform, the cost of which is directly tied to the current yield of the Fund.

Each crypto-token corresponds to the share of the assets of the Fund on principles similar to ETFs.

The current value of emst = 100 usd Buy token

The liquidity of the crypto-token is providing by the Foundation. The client has a built-in exchange on which the Fund exposes the application to purchasing and selling of crypto-tokens. The Fund guarantees full redemption of all issued tokens through the sale of its owned assets.

Lets Consider the 2 options: withdrawal (exit of the investors) and the input of money (enter of the new investors)

The starting value of the token equals to 100 USD is solding to investors as 1 M tokens.

The starting assets of the Fund

In the intervening period the value of the Fund amounted to 150 M.

The assets of the Fund after 5-8 months of work

after 5-8 months. work

  • The value of the token at the exit of investors

    the assets of the Fund

    the remaining

    output invest.

    As can be seen, and the active, and exited investors control the token which is equal to 150 USD. At the same time, the Fund's assets amount to 120 M, and the investors own 800 T.

  • The value of the token at the exit of investors

    150 M new investors

    After another 2-3 months. assets of the Fund amounted to $400 m

    The assets of the Fund after 5-8 months of work

    The first and second stage investors owns $200-token. the first stage invesors own 1 million tokens with token cost growth for the two periods which equals to 100%, second stage investors own from 150 to 200 dollar per token and 33% token and investment cost growth.

Frequently asked

  • Where does the tokens occur in circulation ?

    The Fund owns the Ethereum Wallet issuing tokens. Tokens will be burned after its redemption.

  • A settlement mechanism is correct honest and transparent?

    Each token in circulation corresponds to the assets in an exchange-traded instruments held in the account of the company IBKR. With the growth of their value — increasing the value of the token. New investors can go only on the current value of the token. The mechanism shown in the figure.

  • What reward Fund takes in money management?

    The standard for this type of service and is very small for this size of yield . This is 20 % of the profits, provided that annual profitability is greater than 10 . Calculations are performed on a quarterly basis. The cost of the Token is calculated after the payment.

  • Where can I buy or sell my token?

    In the personal account Fund . The liquidity of the token provides the Fund through a redemption at the current yield so all the holders can submit for redemption the entire amount of tokens in circulation, and new ones are placed only at the rate of the current token equal to the initial capital multiplied by yield.

  • Why have you chosen broker IBKR for maintenance ?

    IBKR is a U.S. broker with a long history , high reliability and state of the art trading platform TWS. Also good support for the customers and very low charges for service.


The Fund guarantees redemption of all issued crypto-tokens due to the realization of all his assets.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

  • How there is such a high yield ?

    The financial model of the Fund is working with stock options and their combinations. A positive expectation has protected the sale of an option or option spread . So for example weekly spreads on options "in the money" + "out of the money" have a yield of from 20% to 50 % for the week. The most difficult thing to build a Model to guarantee the gathering of this yield. From the theory of options you know that they melt 1) time 2) motion , and in any direction. Also sometimes the Model uses the purchase of options to protect a profit or break-even position. The picture is an example of the profitability of such options in the S&P.


  • Who will be the new token seller and buyer previously released ?

    The Fund will always maintain a 100% liquidity of their tokens, exposing them to buyback (redemption) at a price equal to the value of the assets attributable to each token EMST . Also, the Fund is ready to meet any demand for them at the current price of assets and their yield, Fielding daily requests for the buying and selling of tokens with a narrow spread.

  • Why it was decided to use a blockchain solution and not a traditional hedge Fund ?

    Traditional hedge or investment Fund associated with a huge machine and an incredible amount of permissions. This greatly affects the cost and thus the return on the investment. We believe crypto-direction in this area is much more promising.

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