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Rules for the use of telegram channel

  • The transaction after receiving a signal should be completed within 5 minutes

  • If you are not able to be constantly in front of the monitor and track all transactions you'd better go to work through the Fund or through direct account running

  • The position size is determined by the user independently of their preferences for risk and stability margin

  • When you make the arrow only in one or two preferred instruments, You must understand that according to our statistics, the effectiveness of this trade is several times lower than the one that shows the Fund's

  • Some of the positions can go to minus or create losses in the initial period is a normal process

  • Some of the positions originally assumed under the loss as is insurance

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Examples of signals the deal

  • Buy ES FOP Jun05'19 2820 CALL

    Transcript Buying a CALL option with a strike at 2820 of ekspir June 5 day 19 year tool - the nearest mini SP futures

  • Buy AMD Jun07'19 30 PUT

    Transcript Buying a PUT option's strike 30, in the shares of the company AMD that expires on 7 June 2019

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